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Over the past fifteen years, there have been hundreds of locations around the US, Canada, and Europe who have performed regular maintenance and repair work on Ridley Motorcycles. The map to the right is a dynamic map showing the current locations who sell or service Ridley Motorcycles. If you know of a location not on the map, please add it! Like wise if one of the locations list is no longer in business.

- Ridley Dealer (Sales & Service)

- Ridley Service Center (Service Only)

Ridley Genuine Parts

Maintaining your Ridley Motorcycle has never been easier with our new Online Store. Browse the store for ideas. You can place your order online or through a Ridley Dealer or Service Location.

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Riders from around the World can style up to date on the latest news and offers from Ridley by sign up with our Newsletter.

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Service & Maintenance

Ridley is dedicated to helping every Ridley Owner on the road. Our new Service & Maintenance Site is for mechanics working on Ridley Motorcycles.

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Pre-Owned Ridley's

There's no doubt the pre-owned motorcycle market is on fire! Just try finding a pre-owned Ridley. We've put together a list of Qualified Pre-Owned models.

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