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2008 Features

Engine: New black engine finish adds to the theme.
Instruments: LED speedometer, tachometer, and indicators in a black billet housing.
Safety: Includes additional reflector on sides in front and rear for added visibility.
Sound: New black 80db exhaust quiets engine noise.
Design: Redesigned for 2008 with more styling, redesigned front and rear fenders.
Controls: Redesigned rear brake pedal with ball bearing action and rubber/chrome accents.

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Once the entry level, now the designer series. When Ridley enthusiasts ask for it, we try to deliver. The newly redesigned '0eight Auto-Glide Sport has a new look for the models fifth anniversary. Every inch has been specially detailed and accented with black and chrome, giving this incredibly stylish model a mono-chrome look that turns heads. The new design is an excellent example of Ridley's attention to detail and commitment to a low seat height, light weight, and automatic transmission motorcycle that is fun and exciting to ride.

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